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Electrical Inspectors


Trouble to resolution is a KPI critical for customer experience. The longer it takes to solve a problem, once the customer has reported it, the more unhappy the customer will be.  In typical Service Providers, trouble to resolution activities account for 25-35% of total Cash Expense. These include call center costs, network operations center staffing, dispatch, and SLA violations and churn.


Call Center

Call Center Costs

Pre-emptive knowledge about service-affecting outages means you can proactively contact your customers. The better you do this, the less staff you need at the call center. 

Happy Customer

Customer Satisfaction

Knowing what's service affecting from what isn't allows you to triage the most important problems. If an outage is unavoidable, at least communicate status and expected resolution time to your customers. No down time is best, accurate communication is next.

Resetting Fuse Box

First-time Right

Three truck-rolls for a single outage? This is a common occurrence when your outside plant staff is required to investigate the problem. Know the state of your network BEFORE you dispatch.


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