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Electrical Inspectors


The plan-to-build process is a lengthy complex process undertaken by service providers to create or extend infrastructure required to provide services to customers. For telecommunications and IT services, infrastructure rollout is essentially a civil engineering project with some telecom processes included. In particular, project management is crucial: network with options is planned, leases are required, jeopardies need to be tracked, documents created and disseminated, agreements with other utilities (e.g., power) are needed, subcontractors and material supply chains need to be set-up,  and finally installation and configuration. 


Construction Managers

Build it one time

The construction process is a challenge for smaller Service Providers. While, most large Providers use automated tools for job and material scheduling, small and medium Providers use manual processes. Integration with engineering is virtually non-existent. In addition, contractor management is a key challenge. All of these lead to construction errors and delays.

Accounting Tasks

Get your money faster

Frequently outside plant processes are fragmented, labor-intensive, and error-prone. This results in long network-build cycles. Automated workflow management is required to combat this. Picture a cell tower that generates $300K/month in revenue. Accelerate the project by 10 months results in $3M in revenue.

Network Cable Technician

Leasing & Permitting Costs

It is common for service providers to lease required bandwidth the weekend before service is due. Talk about paying top dollar for circuits. The same is true for permitting. Take the risk out of your build by knowing when each step is required. Civil engineers know how to do this. ISPs should, too.


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