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The lead-to-order process is a lengthy complex process in all types of commercial industries. With internet or telecommunications service providers the the process is not completely straightforward.  

Online Sale

Cart Abandonment

Digital and analog processes both contribute to order capture. The digital process entices prospective customers to a page or portal where orders can be captured. Abandonment rates vary but, in general, best-in-class companies see under 40% abandonment. BiC ISPs see much lower abandonment since internet is a basic service like water and power. 

Happy Shopper

Customer Satisfaction

Digital processes enhance customer experience. Companies with chat options and on-line information and tailored options perform much better than companies without these.

Signing Contract

Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing is critical to digital sales processes. Portals and carts must not be "IT owned" as so many web pages are; look and feel, simple, intuitive sales flow, and lucid product descriptions all drive up revenue/marketing spend. Portals integrated with product catalogs allows individualized pricing and terms. 

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